One of the benefits of owning a cat is that they’re generally pretty small and cuddly, and don’t require a lot of maintenance. Still, there’s no guarantee you won’t end up with a kitten that grows into an adult that’s much bigger than you expected.

While these cat owners may not own a real big cat like a lion or tiger, they do own the domestic equivalent of one: a Maine coon. Once you see how enormous these cats can get, you’ll understand why this cat breed is close enough!

1. We’re gonna need a bigger human.

2. “This is mine now.”

3. What a fantastic beast.

4. That cat has hopes and dreams.

5. That is a mythical creature.

6. “This is my pet human. Isn’t she adorable and tiny?”

7. “Is this what it’s like to be held?”

8. “I will murder you, Janet. Mark my meows.”

9. I assume he slew that beast as one would slay a dragon.

10. “I’m just big boned.”

11. “Unhand me!”

12. Someone just wants to get a belly rub.

13. I don’t see a human.

14. Cat-apult.

15. Staples printed your cat too big.

16. Cat potato.

17. Those paws.

18. That’s his workout for the day.

19. That cat has no idea how big he is.

20. King of the Living Room.

21. That cat is going to eat that lady.

22. “What’s that?”

23. “Who are you to enter my domain?”

24. Terrifying.

25. “From upon my human’s shoulder, I shall rule this kingdom.”

26. “The heck is happening?”

27. Everything the light touches is yours.

28. Does he even fit through the door frame?

Those cats are seriously huge. I can’t imagine living with a giant Maine coon!

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