As much as we try to deny the existence of the supernatural, some stories are so widespread, so numerous, that it’s hard to say that they’re not real. Since at least the 1980s, people all over the world have been reporting tales of encounters with children with black eyes and pale skin.

Once you hear these people’s stories of these “back eyed children”, it will be hard to deny that they’re real. Here are fifteen of the most frightening stories involving these mysterious figures.

1. The first known sighting of black-eyed children came in 1988, when two pre-teens with black eyes asked Brian Bethel for a ride. They were unusually well-spoken, to the point that they barely even sounded like children. They got increasingly angry and pushy when Brian refused to let them into the car, so he quickly drove away.


2. A man was camping alone in the woods near a beach. As he prepared a fire, he saw two young men that looked like teenagers walk up to him and ask if they could spend the night with him in his tent. He became terrified when he looked into their black eyes, so he ran away and hid inside of his tent. 

11-black-eyed-childrenThe Ghost Diaries

He did not have a restful sleep that evening, as he was overwhelmed by the sound of the young men begging him to let them in.

3. In Camp LeJeune in 2009, a Marine heard a knock on his door one evening as he was about to go to sleep. He assumed that it would be his roommate, but as it turned out, there were two black-eyed children waiting for him at the door. Terrified, he slammed the door on them, but they kept knocking on his door and tapping his windows throughout the night. 

6-black-eyed-childrenLazer Horse

When he asked the other Marines the next morning if they saw anything, nobody said that they had encountered anything unusual.

4. Most of the time, people get away from the black-eyed children as fast as they can, but in at least one instance, a man actually made the mistake of inviting them into his home. There were two boys with black eyes that showed up at his door one night, with the taller boy saying that they were lost, and the shorter one claiming that he needed to use the bathroom. When the man allowed them to come in, the shorter boy went right upstairs. 

12-black-eyed-childrenCreepsMcPasta / Youtube

It was then that the man noticed the taller boy’s black eyes, as the young man explained that they were sent to “collect” the homeowner. The man ran away from his house as fast as he could, and by the time he went back to his house, the boys were gone.

5. A mom left her son in her van so that she could shop in a grocery store, but when she came back, she was horrified to see him playing with a black-eyed boy. She was able to get the strange boy to leave, but her son had to be sent to the hospital because he felt so ill. The doctors couldn’t determine the cause of the illness, but the boy suddenly started to feel better when holy water was sprinkled on him.

8-black-eyed-childrenHorror Critic

6. In Staffordshire, England, a mother and her daughter heard ear-piercing screams while walking down a street. They turned around to see a girl covering her eyes with her hands. The mother tried to comfort the child, even pulling the girl’s arms down, but when she did, she noticed the tell-tale black eyes. The mother grabbed her daughter as they ran away together, but the black-eyed child appeared to have disappeared when they turned around.

7. At a base in Texas, a Special Forces airman was drinking a beer late at night when somebody knocked on his window. He thought it might be another airman, perhaps needing to use his bathroom, but when he looked through the peephole, he instead saw a 17 or 18-year-old asking to use the airman’s phone. As innocent as the question may have been, the man didn’t feel comfortable, so he sent the boy away. He heard a tapping on his window just a few minutes later… 

14-black-eyed-childrenGhosts N Ghouls

The man quickly pulled his blinds up to find the boy standing there, staring. He tried to look the boy in the eye in an attempt to scare the boy, but it had the opposite effect when he saw the teen’s black eyes. The boy had left by the time that the man reached his phone to call for help.

8. After recently accepting a job as a veterinary technician, a young woman arrived to work for an early morning shift. She was so new that they didn’t even have keys for her yet. As she waited in her car for a co-worker to show up with keys to let her in, she saw two boys asking for a ride, their faces covered by hoods.

3-black-eyed-childrenCreepy Legends

She wasn’t sure why the children were there in the first place, because the veterinary hospital was in such a remote location that they only had one bus stop. The boys got angry when she refused to give them a ride, and it was then that she saw their black eyes. The boys disappeared when her co-worker arrived.

9. A woman named Chris decided to stop at a rest stop after a long day of driving with her husband in Michigan’s I-75. A fully-grown black eyed woman started staring at her as soon as Chris got out of the bathroom. Terrified by her, and fearing that the black-eyed adult wanted to hurt her, Chris went back to her car immediately.

13-black-eyed-childrenWeek In Weird

10. Tess, an apartment manager, was speaking to a potential tenant who appeared to be about 17 or 18 years old. While he didn’t necessarily do anything unusual, Tess was uncomfortable with his black eyes. She thought for a moment that perhaps his pupils were merely dilated, but this was broad daylight. She ran away after closing the door on him.

10-black-eyed-childrenChristine Lebrasseur / Flickr

11. On a chilly day in November, Missy was getting a drink at a coffee shop when she noticed that a man was staring at her. She was thinking of something snarky to say to him when she noticed that his eyes were pure black. Missy felt like he was emanating evil, and she wasn’t even sure if he was human.

15-black-eyed-childrenGhosts N Ghouls

12. A woman named Adele was reading a book around one late evening when she heard a knock at her door and saw two ten-year-old kids outside of her window. “Let us in,” they said. Adele asked them why, and she said “let us use your bathroom.” It was then that Adele noticed their black eyes, so she nervously closed the door on the children. 

7-black-eyed-childrenDead and Restless

She reported feeling an overwhelming sadness after sending them away.

13. A large number of black-eyed children sightings are reported by security guards, likely because they work at night. This security guard was watching over a shopping mall’s entrance when a black-eyed boy asked to “enter the premises.” The security guard became frightened, especially because there were no cars around, or any indication at all of how the child had arrived. 

1-black-eyed-childrenmegamoto85 / Wikimedia Commons

The guard then shut the door, but saw the boy waiting at the same spot on the security camera for the rest of the night.

14. After hearing a knock, a young man opened the door to see a girl that stood an unbelievable 6’3″. She claimed that her mother was out of town, and needed a place to sleep for the night because she didn’t have keys. Terrified by her black eyes, the man slammed the door on the girl and sat quietly with his gun for the rest of the night. The next morning, he found a single word carved into his door: “soon.”


15. A teenage boy waited in his mother’s car while she was in a hair salon. Nothing was out of the ordinary happened to him until a black-eyed boy went up to the teenager’s window and said “you must let me in.” The teenager hid between the front and back seats of the car until his mother returned. She said that a black-eyed boy was asking for the keys to her car.

9-black-eyed-childrenWikia Villains

Because the black-eyed children usually leave so quickly, not to mention how frightened their witnesses are, there are only few photos of them. It’s difficult to verify urban legends like this, but with the sheer number of sightings that have occurred, we’re afraid that there could be some truth to these claims.

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