When Valinda Cortez first saw a dog alone in a North Carolina parking lot, shivering from the cold and the rain, she knew what had happened right away. The poor pup had almost certainly been dumped right onto the asphalt and abandoned, and she had totally given up on everything.

Even though Valinda was only wearing pajamas and flip-flops—definitely not appropriate rain attire—she instinctively rushed out of her car to help. Over the course of the next few hours, she worked to gain the dog’s trust with the hope she could rescue her before it was too late.

When North Carolina resident Valinda Cortez spotted an abandoned dog shivering in a parking lot in the rain, she immediately knew she had to help. The dog’s hair was wet and matted, her leg was cut, and her eyes were infected.

01-dog-dumped-in-parking-lotValinda Cortez

She draped a blanket over the pup to protect her from the rain and keep her warm.

02-dog-dumped-in-parking-lotValinda Cortez

Valinda called her friend and volunteer Sue Massi, who joined her for the rescue. Then they met with an animal control officer.

03-dog-dumped-in-parking-lotValinda Cortez

Carefully, they coaxed the pup to hop into their car so they could bring her to the shelter.

04-dog-dumped-in-parking-lotValinda Cortez

Just days later, the dog, named Cassie, was doing much better. Since then, she’s been adopted and is living a happy, healthy life in her forever home!

05-dog-dumped-in-parking-lotValinda Cortez

What a happy ending! Thankfully Cassie was adopted, but there are other dogs at the same shelter who could still use a new home.

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